Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh, Hooray....I have started a blog.

So, it is the sixteenth of August and I gave in and created a knitting blog.
Well, to start off, I have been negligent in my knitting and just started up again about three days ago.
I want to say that this blog will be following my knitting at college, to be specific, SMITH COLLEGE. Hence the whole, SMITH KNITS.
LMAO. Any way I want to give a shout out to Half-assed knits, because I made their Brainmonster hat about three days ago when I started knitting again, and it looks amazing. Instead of brown I used Purple yarn from Plymouth yarn co.
It worked pretty well, and I enjoyed this project immensely.
Anyway, I am looking for a new project, and I found a pacman scarf that I am in LOVE with. I believe that this will be my boyfriends Christmas present.
This is all for now, but I really am looking for some new exciting projects so if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! =]

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